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  • Surface Action Group (category General Guides)
    The Surface Action Group is quite different to the Carrier Task Force (CTF). The SAG relies on killing its enemy, rather than driving it from the area
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  • Marine Amphibious Force (category General Guides)
    A Marine Amphibious Force is a limited Surface Action Group(SAG) with Transports (TP) attached to it for the purpose of ferrying troops and executing amphibious
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  • Wolfpack (category General Guides)
    Any group of submarines that includes no surface ships forms a wolfpack. Large groups are good for naval combat in HoI2 and ARMA, but considered ahistorical
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  • HQ Units in Action (category General Guides)
    more a discussion of the use of HQ Units in HoI2. It began as a more general AAR and that will still be completed at a later time. However, while writing
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  • Brigade Strategy Guide (category General Guides)
    slightly inefficient, and others that serve almost no useful purpose. The general view is that Brigades are largely useless because: Stats: Improvement in
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  • Research (category General Guides) (section General things to learn)
    Template:Anthology Each technology consists of 5 parts which have to be researched one after the other. Each of these parts is linked to a certain field
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  • has lots of gearing is usually preferable. There is one exception to the general rules on upgrading: light armor divisions. Light armor crosses model category
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  • Anti-Submarine Warfare Group (category General Guides)
    An Anti-Submarine Warfare Group is a group of ships whose role is to hunt and sink enemy subs. Since the primary anti-sub vessel is the DD, this is the
    749 bytes (110 words) - 11:50, 18 March 2017
  • Militia Strategy Guide (category General Guides)
    Template:Anthology At first glance, the Militia Division seems to be a worthless unit. When comparing the statistics of Militia to any other land unit
    8 KB (1,173 words) - 15:43, 24 April 2017
  • Assorted guides (category Guides) (section General guides & FAQ)
    The Complete Newbie Guide General Gameplay FAQ Brigade Strategy Guide Nuclear Weapons Paradox Plaza FAQ subforum Battle mechanics and formulas Domestic
    5 KB (0 words) - 07:43, 31 May 2017
  • Do I build Factories? (category General Guides)
    Template:Anthology There is a wide variety of views on whether or not to build factories. It depends on which nation you are playing and how you are playing
    5 KB (830 words) - 11:51, 18 March 2017
  • Template:HOI2 v1.3 The subject of this analysis is to recommend what type of division should make up the bulk of your Ground Self-Defense forces. For this
    6 KB (466 words) - 11:51, 18 March 2017
  • commanders have been defined as 2 units for a major general, 4 for a lt. general, 8 for an air general and 16 for an air marshal. In principle, this means
    11 KB (1,934 words) - 11:53, 18 March 2017
  • Poor man's army (category General Guides)
    has to count. See the Effective Use of Airpower posted in the associated guides section. Since the country only has a limited amount of ICs and thus only
    13 KB (2,257 words) - 11:51, 18 March 2017
  • Conducting Blitzkrieg offensives (category General Guides)
    For the composition of your spearheads there are three possibilities in general. The first one prefers speed over everything else and uses 3 armored divisions
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  • The Complete Newbie Guide (category General Guides) (section General Overview)
    leaders: which means a Major General should only have 1 division, a Lt. General should only have 3 divisions or less, a General should have no more than 9
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  • Effective Use of Airpower (category General Guides)
    Template:Anthology Aircraft in Hearts of Iron 2 are extremely powerful when used effectively: they can decimate enemy Navies and destroy enemy Armies.
    19 KB (3,085 words) - 09:10, 26 March 2017
  • Naval Primer (category General Guides)
    conventional forces. Each strategy guide will go into more depth regarding how to handle starting navies. As a general rule, the player should first reorganize
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  • Install your mods with JSGME (JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler) General Modding FAQ Can't find it elsewhere? Check here. Patches Reference Materials Modding
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  • If you are going to play as the USNA, on either Armageddon or the Abyss you've got a long game ahead of you. You'll be at war for the vast majority of
    7 KB (1,201 words) - 11:53, 18 March 2017

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