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Those units are special divisions, equipped with modern communications equipment and designed to act as a mobile command centre during the battle. When staffed with a General or a Field Marshall, HQ units bestow the following benefits:

  • One leader assumes command of all the corps attacking from one province and the HQ doubles this overall command capacity in an attack. Note: If any leader is commanding more divisions than his command limit, the bonus for that leader's skill and traits are lost. The doubling refers to the total number of divisions in an attack.
  • The HQ doubling effect does not refer to the number of divisions that a leader can command in his own formation. A FM can effectively command a maximum of 12 div in his own formation while a General can effectively command a maximum of 9 div in his own formation. An HQ does not change the formation command capacity.
  • All divisions present on the battlefield receive a small attack/defence bonus.
  • There is greater chance for Combat Events to happen.
  • There is a small increase to a corps' Effective Supply Efficiency if a HQ is in the province or adjacent to the province. Pause over the ESE information to get the rollover which explains how this is calcuated. ESE combat effects such as being over one's Transport Capacity are shown as a combat modifier for each division in a battle.

HQ Division Statistics

Model Default ORG Morale Air Attack Air Def. Soft Attack Hard Attack Tough-
  Cost Build-
Max Speed Supply Cons. Fuel Cons. Supp. Transp. Weight Upgrade Time Factor Upgrade Cost Factor Speed Cap Art Speed Cap Eng Speed Cap AT Speed Cap AA
HQ '36 30 30 1 3 1 1 25 25 100   16 270 5 2 0.5 0 2 10 1.0 1.0 2   2 2
HQ '39 30 30 3 4 2 1 30 30 95   18 250 5 5 0.6 2 2 10 0.5 1.0 5   5 5
HQ '43 30 30 4 6 3 1 35 35 80   21 200 5 10 0.7 4 2 10 0.5 1.0 10   10 10

Brigades allowed


  • HQ divisions are considered soft units.
  • HQ Units in Action - For more information and examples regarding the use of headquarters units.