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Armored Car Brigade

Armored Cars are wheeled vehicles, typically with light armour and modest weaponry. They give your units an added capability against soft targets, being most effective against supply trucks and rear area troops.

File:Bri 10.jpg

Model Default ORG Morale Air Attack Air Def. Soft Attack Hard Attack Tough-
  Cost Build-
Max Speed Supply Cons. Fuel Cons. Supp. Transp. Weight Upgrade Time Factor Upgrade Cost Factor Speed Cap Art Speed Cap Eng Speed Cap AT Speed Cap AA
Basic Armored Car 3       2   1 1 -5   3 60 2   1 0.4     0.5 1.0        
Improved Armored Car 6       3 1 2 2 -5   3 60 2   1 0.45     0.5 1.0