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The Allies is one of the three major alliances in HoI. The Allies is led by United Kingdom, and it's generally built by democratic states, however, it includes also some right-wing totalitarian nations, and also it includes Brazil who's left-wing radical. Allies is most industrialized alliance in game, and it has most members of alliances. Normally Allies have good relations with Comintern and they have same enemies (the Axis).


Starter members of allies in 1936

  • United Kingdom: the leader of Allies in all scenarios (in HoI2)
  • France: second largest allied nation, after UK. Normally France is overrun by Germans in 1940
  • Australia: Oceanian nation in Asia. Quite big industry and most important enemy is Japan
  • New Zealand: same as Australia, but it's much weaker
  • South Africa: mid-industrialized nation in southern Africa. Normally South Africa do nothing during the game
  • Canada: nation north to USA. Quite big industry and normally helps UK when she lands somewhere
  • Iraq: puppet of UK
  • Oman: puppet of UK
  • Yemen: puppet of UK
  • Nepal: puppet of UK
  • Bhutan: puppet of UK

Most important members who ofter joins to Allies when playing 1936 scenario

  • Poland: joins after Danzig or War event, if UK have guaranteed her
  • USA: maybe most powerful nation in HoI2. Joins the Allies after Pearl Harbor strike in December 1941. Huge industry and large navy
  • Brazil: left-wing radical government in south America. In real life Brazil took part in Italian campaign 1943-1945, but in HoI AI doesn't do this

Also nations, who have joined war against Axis often joins the Allies