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SMEP leaves the core gameplay of Hearts of Iron II intact. However, some things were not up to snuff. These are the things SMEP attempts to address. Here are some examples...

SMEP has many peace treaty events. Infact, SMEP's work was so stable and impressive that it was included (with typos) in later Hearts of Iron II patches (see "Faith of China", which I meant to type as "Fate of China"). Treaties include...

Soviet-Japanese War, Sino-Japanese War, Russian Civil War, Russo-German War, German-American War, Japanese-American War, Franco-German War, Romano-Hungarian War (included in later HOI patches), Romano-Bulgarian War ...and more!

Other noteworthy event chains include...

Partition of Yugoslavia, Partition of Greece, Post-War Eastern Front events, Post-War Western Front events.

SMEP includes what "capital capture" events to make the Allies and Soviets war against the Nazis competitive! Americans in Budapest? Ally Hungary after the war! Soviets in Denmark? Set up a puppet regime in Copenhagen! This creates a very worthwhile experience; you are rewarded for your actions!

SMEP now includes the Consolidated China Improvement Pack, which is altered to fit SMEP's needs and goals. Thank you to the team!

[1] The Official SMEP for Armageddon