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This copyright policy explains and governs the use of copyrighted material on and from the Paradox Wikis. By its nature, the wikis contains content from many different sources, including that produced by their own editors.

Original content

All editors publish their contributions under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license. In short, this means that content from Paradox Wikis may be copied and adapted by others, provided that such usage includes an attribution and link to the specific wiki, and that any resulting derivative works are published under an equivalent license. This license applies to articles as a whole; copyright to individual pieces of an article (such as an image) may be held by someone else and governed by a different license.

Content by Paradox

Use is made of content from video games published by Paradox Interactive, including their game files. The copyright to such content is held by Paradox Interactive AB or its subsidiary Paradox Development Studio. The following notice applies to such material.

Copyright © 2014 Paradox Interactive AB. www.paradoxplaza.com

Content from other sources


Under Wikipedia's CC-BY-SA license, content from Wikipedia may be copied with proper attribution. Editors must make note of their source being Wikipedia in their edit summary. Editors should note that copyright of images on Wikipedia is typically not held by the WikiMedia Foundation. Images used with permission on Wikipedia may not be usable here, and whether use of a copyrighted image qualifies as fair use must be examined uniquely for use on this wiki.

Uploaded files

The Paradox Wikis' license only applies to files (such as images) insofar as they are part of a wiki article. Copyright for the source files varies: they may be in the public domain, used with permission or in a way that constitutes fair use. Editors must specify the copyright status of files they upload; files that remain without a copyright status notice will be deleted. Fair use in a wiki article does not imply that a different use of the same file may be considered fair use.